On the verge of Adventure

So I’m on the cusp of heading over to Europe for a 3.5 week trip in which I will be the first in my family to go visit the Ukraine. It’s going to be a long trip but of course I am excited, however there is some reservation of going to place never seen before and experiencing life. I hope that the people and cultures I see and meet will be equally interested in me as I in them. Once again it feels distinctly like a step in a new direction, but isn’t that what adventure is? The journey into the unknown with all the hopes and fears that we each carry. Knowing full well that adventure is not always fun or happy, but that in the end you will become a different person as a result of the journey. So perhaps it’s a metaphor for all of life, that we are all on our own adventure, in which we never truly know what lies ahead but we continue to strive for that which inspires, which we are passionate about, and that which we love.

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