The Power of Intensity

Taylor Mali

If you haven’t already heard of Taylor Mali you have been missing out on a prominent poet from the slam poetry movement. In this post we explore how Taylor uses the power of intensity to draw in the audience and stir up emotion. There are many performances where Taylor uses the power of intensity in his poetry, but I will focus on the poem “What Teachers Make?” in this post. Taylor has performed “What Teachers Make?” many times over the years and I’ve included

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The Art of Storytelling

If you have ever wondered how you might integrate storytelling into your next scientific talk then, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk is definitely for you. Before we jump straight into an analysis of what makes this a good talk, you might want to familiarize yourself with the video below. Dr. Taylor began her career interested in how the human brain works, which led her to become a scientist working at Harvard. In extraordinary turn of events she experienced a stroke,

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The most popular TED talk of all time

In 2006 Sir Ken Robinson delivered what is currently the most viewed TED talk ever. At the time of this writing the talk has roughly 32 million views if you include YouTube, the TED website and all other streaming apps. Pretty impressive numbers in general, but what makes the talk so good? and why does a talk about education claim the top spot? In this post I will delve into what makes this TED talk stand out from the rest,

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