Stephan R Hlohowskyj

I received my BS in geology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (I was one of the 40% that did not drop out and take a job on the strip). At the time I wanted to work outside, hiking and camping and not at a computer all the day, believe me, the irony is thick. Later I attended the University of California, Riverside and got my MS in Soil Science. Since that time I have worked any university job I could get, (a product from graduating in summer of 2008) which took me everywhere from field work in the summer in Death Valley to the windowless basement in Arizona repairing mass spectrometers. In 2016 I moved to Mid-Michigan to join a P.hD. program in geochemistry at Central Michigan University, with a little luck in a couple years I’ll be looking for a faculty position.
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During my time working with students (graduate and undergrads) I realized that most scientists are constantly be expected to present and communicate their work but are either given no training or expected to imitate professors who themselves have no concept of how to captivate, inspire and motivate their audience. It turns out that with a very few exceptions that it is the blind leading the blind, with each generation of new scientists getting more caught up in the technology and less concerned about the message. My belief is that we all have an important story to tell and that we should have the chance to inspire our audiences. The art of story telling has flat out been lost and so I created this project out of the need to articulate what inspires us to other human beings. Being able to communicate is still an important skill that we cannot yet parse out to our smartphones and computers (at least not yet).

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